Our youth centre project

Our aim is to choose a location for the new youth centre and see if people in wellington agree with us.
We will be looking around wellington to find a location for our youth centre then ask people around town.

What it is going to be like?

It is going to be a youth centre for people that are on the street can come in here for free to go.

Places we are thinking of:

  • back of kwik save
  • kwik save building
  • near the taxi company
  • near some peoples homes
  • in a field
  • In a local area
534875455_20ebf3f9f2.jpgkwik save
534772514_394005ab06.jpggay street
534875067_3ee7ab8713.jpgbehind kwik save
we will ask where people want a youth centre to go and why they want it there why it is a good place.

This is a map of our choices for 4 different youth centre sites

Here is our questionaire we will ask next Friday

1. Should a new youth centre be built?



2. Out of these places where would you like it?

Field in Gay Street

Kwik Save

Behind Kwik save

4.what ages should go

10 – 13

14 - 18

all ages

5.should a rental shop be in it



thank you for doing this questionnaire
these are the results
they are each of the questions we ask
  1. most people of wellington want a new youth center
  2. most people of wellington want it behind kwik save
  3. most people of wellington wanted all ages to go
  4. most people of wellington wanted a dvd rental shop inside

5.In conclusion
Most people wanted the behind the old kwik save all ages should go and dvd shop should be built