the aim of parkour is to move from point A to point B as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body. It is meant to help one overcome obstacles, which can be anything in the surrounding environment — from branches and rocks to rails and concrete walls — so parkour can be practiced in both natural and urban areas.

We are hoping to go around wellington to see what places are best for parkour. We will be going around town making a tally of how many people like and dislike parkour, then we will take pictures and rate the hotspots. We will go to places that we hope will be good for the future.

Parkour Hotspots

rating hotspots /10
  • Kwik Save 8/10 we gave this a 8 because it has some rails and lots of precisions.
  • Band stand 6/10
  • sand pit 7/10
  • school 9/10
  • beezers 5/10
  • doctors 7/10
  • wellington school / astro 8.5/10
  • Co-op car park 5/10

We will be taking some pictures of place were it is best to to parkour
(taking new routes following a different path and doing tricks over obstacles)

[[parkour hotspots !!|]]
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here are some pictuers of some parkour hotspots, we see place's in a totally different way to normal people. we see a tree as clibing obsticle,as other people see it as a plant that is used for decoration

this is the tree in the park it is one of the best places to do parkour
this is the bandstand it's good for parkour
walls up by the church it's amazing for jumping to point b from point a
this is othe place,s in the park the top pitcure is good for jumping and the bottom piture is good for flips

this is rails in are local school these are good for volts
we think these Hotspots are great for parkour and there are many more!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the old foxs factory, we would like a part of it to become a gym for parkour.
If we had promision to make it into a parkour gym it would cost around £500,000 for all the refernishing and objects (equipment) that would be needed , also we need to buy a place for the gym to take place in .
Hopefully we would get the support from the goverment and people that would like to join the club , for this gym to take place for all the youth / rebels to go when necassary . it would cost rouphly £1 for the whole day but damaging the equipment will be extra . At the end of the year all you would of payed is £50 for doing as much parkour as you like .

we like to do parkour at kwik save car park but soon its being converted into mcdonalds which is a bit dissapointing :( so we hope there will be rails there . Hopefullly there will soon be a place were us people that like parkour would like to go but at them m oment we're trying to get the government to help us find the right place.

made by S.L , R.M , T.G , D.V , A.H, R.S.