What is Flickr?

flickr_logo_gamma.gif.v1.2.gifclick to go to Flickr
Flickr is a photo sharing website. Once a photograph is on Flickr, you can link to it from this wiki and also include it in a Google Map

I have created a special group on Flickr. I will upload your photographs for you. If your parents agree to you having your own Flickr account,, you can become a member of the Group and upload your own photos.

How to use Flickr photos in your work:

Click here to go to the Flickr Group for the Personal Geographies project

The Flickr Group page looks like this:

The photos will appear as thumbnails. Click on each photo to go to it's own page.

The Photo Page:

Each photo has it's own page - like this:


Getting a photograph into Google My Maps, or a wiki page:

Notice the button marked all sizes at the top of the page? Click it to see the different sizes for the picture. If you wish to put a photograph into a map, it's sensible to choose Small size:


Right click on the picture and choose Properties. Look for the address (or URL) of the image, which will be something like: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/225/468681744_5393dc3a0b_m.jpg

Once you know the address of the picture, you can post it on other websites. For example if you want to add a photo to the wiki from Flickr, copy the address of the photo, click on the Images and Files button, and paste it into the Insert External Image box as shown.

This is the result:
external image 468681744_5393dc3a0b_m.jpg (You should add a link back to the original photo page)

The URL of a Flickr photo can also be used to link the picture to a Google My Map. When editing a placemark, select the image icon and paste in the URL of the photograph, as in the example below: