What are Personal Geographies?

To be honest I'm really not sure. Different Geographers will have their own definition. This is what the term means to me.
We're all products of our surroundings. The village, town or city that you live in, together with all the things that make up the local environment, help to shape you as an individual. The local environment contains human things, like buildings, streets shops and parks, as well as natural things such as weather and plants. Everyone lives amongst a social network of people.
The environment around you shapes your Personal Geography; the way in which you view and make sense of the world around you.


As you get older, your personal geography widens and deepens. You see more places and learn more about the world around you, and for a while at least, the place where you grew up in often loses it's attraction. Young adults often move away from their home to find new experiences, returning later on in life to recapture some of their childhood memories.

The idea of this project is to explore your local environment in more detail. You'll plan a geography fieldwork study that is based on your experience of Wellington. What you study is up to you, your project might identify favourite places, explore your memories or feelings about Wellington, and some of you might also explore how grown ups view Wellington differently to children. Your project will be written up in the Wiki, together with maps, photographs and data, for others to read and comment on.