• Our project is about football sites in Wellington.
  • Aims of our project:
  • We are going to look at all the football sites in Wellington.
  • Ask people which football site is there favourite.
  • We are going to see if we can get a new and improved football ground, and were would people put it.
  • We are taking pictures of football sites and we are puting them on the our Wiki.

M.D, O.B + R.Ds work.

This is our Map of Wellington

This is are Questionaire:

1. Are you male or female? The most place to put a new football pitchin wellington was hoyles road

2. Do you play football?

3. Where would you put a new football pitch in Wellington?

4. What experperiance do you have?

We went in to wellington to take pictures of all the fooball sites.
then we went in to the town centre to get people to answer some
questions about a new location of a football pitch.
We are going to put the graph on the wiki. Next we are going to Upload our pictures