This is a wiki for students at Court Fields School to publish their work on Personal Geographies.


Want to join in? This is a protected wiki so only members can edit pages and take part in discussions. However parents teachers and others can join in. Please email Noel Jenkins, the organizer.


More photos in the Flickr pool. Have a look

Another field trip is planned for Wednesday

Google Earth now covers Wellington in really good detail

Notes for students:

  • Remember that everything on this site can be seen by the public. You know the score ;) Please don't use txt language as I'll edit it! Please don't identify yourself - use initials and don't upload personal pictures of yourselves.
  • We can discuss any general questions you or your parents have about the project, in the discussion on this page. Please add constructive comments about other student's projects on their pages - I'll reward students who offer particularly good peer feedback!

  • It would be good if you could sign up for a Google Account. This means that you'll be able to save your My Maps and use Google Spreadsheets to help write up your results. You get a Google mail account (which you can't use in school but is your user name for Google services)

  • You can use a mobile phone to take pictures and video etc. You need to be able to get the photographs off your phone in order to be able to upload them to the Wiki. If you want to include photographs on a Google Map it will be easiest if you give them to Mr Jenkins who will upload them to a special account at Flickr. This makes it easy to add the photographs to a map. Your can email your pictures to Mr Jenkins if you like:

  • If you take video with your phone you'll probably have to convert it to a suitable format for the Wiki. Use this site to convert your file: For Nokia phones the video file will be in 3gp and you need to convert it to mpg

  • You can use a web based spreadsheet to analyse questionnaire data. You need a Google account to try Google Spreadsheets and Documents. The advantage is that you can share the spreadsheet with others who don't have the same software as you. You can include charts of your results in your work. Here's an example of a Google Spreadsheet: